Discover the Secrets of Making Money From Your Art

Making money from your art is largely about talent. You will need to produce art which is beautiful enough or unique enough to be coveted by others. As well, you will need to think like a businessperson! Today, we want to show you how to create art that there is proven demand for in the modern marketplace. We also want to talk about how to market that type of art to perfection.


When you blend creativity with business savvy, you’ll be ready to make more money from your creations, whether you’re selling paintings, e-books, sculpture or songs. There are so many ways to be an artist and any type of art may be monetized.


Do a Little Market Research


We don’t want you to compromise in terms of your art. You should do what your soul prompts you to do in terms of being creative. However, it’s smart to choose subject matter that has proven appeal. For example, if you paint local landscapes, visit galleries in your area and see what’s on the walls. Galleries display paintings which have a high likelihood of being sold over the short term (quite often, tourists buy these paintings)!


See which local locations are being featured in the paintings. Then, create paintings of the same locations.


It’s possible to tailor your subject matter to the local market (or the national market, or the global market), without compromising on creativity. Also, you may perform market research online. See what comparable artists are producing and how much their art is going for. When you study your niche in-depth, you’ll get a sense of what market demand for your type of art is like. Your research will make it easier for you to produce art that has a chance of being snapped up.


How to Market Your Creations


Now that you have art for which there is proven demand, isn’t it time to promote it effectively? The key to effective, free promotion is cross-promoting across a host of social media channels. For example, if you’re a photographer, set up a Facebook business page and then post your pictures (don’t forget the watermarks) and explain where your inspiration for each shot came from.


Post Tweets which includes the images, too, and post them to Instagram also. You should be posting daily or at least a couple of times per week. To boost your search engine rankings, add relevant keywords (which your fans use to find your website) to each post. Also, consider YouTube promotion and doing some Facebook live videos. Studies show that video marketing is very hot right now!


Now that you know the secrets of making money from your art, you’ll be ready to take the world by storm!