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Cooking Tips from Television Cooks

Many people think that you have to be a chef in order to cook in the kitchen. However, no matter what your cooking skill level is, it is possible for you to whip up a mouth watering meal. You just need to know w few secret tips that the most popular television cooks use. This means that you will be able to make some dishes that will delight. Cooking does not have to be impossible or stress filled. It can be fun and appetizing at the same time.


Here are some of the best cooking tips from the chefs that you find on television:




If you want to be able to cook a meal without stressing out or making a mistake,you need to take the time to prep. This means that you need to be sure that you read through the entire recipe before you begin. This might seem like a no brainer, but you will be surprised by the amount of people that do not take the time to look at the recipe before they start cooking. If you prep and know what you are making, the cooking experience will be so much simpler. If you want to be a cooking star, you need to take the time to prep before you begin in the kitchen.




Garlic can be a great ingredient to add to just about any recipe to give it flavor, but it can also have an odor that seems to never go away. This means that when you are cooking with garlic, you can try out a trick that is designed to help you get rid of the garlic odor in no time at all. This means that your hands will not have to smell like garlic for days after you are done cooking. All you need to do is to rub your hands along your stainless steel sink for about 30 seconds before you wash your hands off with soap and water. This will help to get rid of the garlic smell for good.




Cutting and chopping can be a tedious task when you are cooking in the kitchen. If you are not a pro with a knife, it can be hard to chop up herbs. You can make things easier by adding salt to the cutting board when you are chopping up herbs of any type. This will keep the herbs from flying around.


Get the Inside Scoop on the Best Steak Restaurants in Chicago

Do you want to enjoy a juicy, tender steak and all of the fixings while you’re in the Windy City? If you do, you’ll love our quick guide. We’re going to point you towards three exceptional steak restaurants in Chicago, all of which offer the ideal blend of fine cuisine, pleasing decor and warm, friendly customer service. We think that this trio of steak houses is well worth a visit. Choose one, two or all of them as your preferred eateries while you are spending time in Chicago.


You’ll Love Dining at RPM Steak


Located at 66 W Kinzie St, this American-style steak house is a great place to indulge in a little red meat (or a lot!). This is a traditional Chicago steak house which is glamorous, sexy and trendy. It features a masculine vibe, thanks to its leather-bound booths, its mahogany wood walls and its dim lighting. We love the service at this eatery. Servers wear white jackets and there is a sommelier on-site, who will be happy to recommend wines which pair perfectly with anything on this steakhouse’s large menu.


Eat Hearty At Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse


If you want a hearty steak dinner, you’ll find it at 1028 N Rush St. Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse is a perfect place to enjoy an ice-cold martini and a piece of red meat which is cooked to perfection…according to your specific preferences! There are also some amazing seafood dishes on the menu. Popular with business people and tourists, this steakhouse is decidedly upscale. It’s perfect for a fancier night out!


Choose the eatery’s signature Tomahawk 42 chop, in order to enjoy a real taste of Chicago…and consider a slice of Madadamia Turtle Pie for dessert.


Enjoy a River View at Chicago Cut Steakhouse


This popular steakhouse is situated at 300 N LaSalle Dr. and it offers a serene and picturesque river view, as well as impressive cuisine and decor. Popular with Chicago’s most powerful citizens, this River North restaurant delivers steaks which are “melt in your mouth” delicious. It also features a wine list which is extensive, yet well-curated. The secret of this restaurant’s continued success is the red meat that it sources from Colorado cattle which are raised one thousand and three hundred feet above sea level.


Which Steakhouse Is Right For You?


Now that you know three of Chicago’s finest steakhouses, you’ll have choices? So, why not book a reservation at one of them today?

3 Upgrades to Your Kitchen to Help Sell Your Home

When you are considering starting a remodeling project in your home, it is important that you are thinking about the future. You not only need to think about what is functional for your family right now, but also what adds the most value to your property and what will make it desirable to prospective buyers. This makes some remodeling projects a much better investment than others. It is important that you are aware of the remodeling projects that will make your home more function now and also add the most value for the future.




Something that you can definitely use is additional space in your home. This is often the main reason that homeowners choose to begin remodeling projects. Instead of building a new room to your home, it is possible to add space cost effectively by knocking down walls. By knocking down walls that separate the living area from the kitchen and dining space, you have the ability to create an open floor plan. Open floor plans create the illusion that the space is a lot larger without adding much actual square footage. If knocking down the walls completely seems like too big of a project, it is possible to widen the doorways and still create more open space. Open floor plans make any home have more value instantly, because they are a feature that potential buyers are looking for in a property.


Sunroom Off the Kitchen


A sunroom is a space that is in between the outdoors and an entrance to your home. It is a room that is often referred to as an outdoor living space. A sunroom is a remodeling project that allows you to add to the square footage of your home in the easiest way possible. Due to the unique design and location of a sunroom, it is the cheapest way to add an extra room. You can choose to make your sunroom more functional by adding heat, tiled floors and high ceilings. No matter how you choose to design your sunroom to meet the needs of your family, it is an additional room that will add substantial value to your home.




Paint might seem like a minor makeover, but it is a remodeling project that has the ability to transform your home. It is the most affordable way to update the look of any room and adds instant value by simply being clean and fresh. It is even possible to paint over cabinets or drawers that have become dingy looking.